Insurance for your fleet

We will find the perfect fleet insurance for you. The basis for this is a thorough analysis of individual damages.

Insure your fleet with a contract

Instead of insuring each vehicle individually and having to deal with a series of contracts with different conditions, only one policy is required. We help you find the right insurance solution for you with low premiums and the best benefits. Fleet managers and companies benefit from tailored rates and can significantly reduce your administrative workload with a single agreement.

Benefits of fleet insurance

The entire fleet is insured under a single agreement. Effort and costs can thus be significantly reduced. Another additional price advantage is the combination of different types of vehicles.

Why insure your fleet now?

An efficient fleet insurance is essential to ensure that it gets back in action quickly after accidents, breakdowns, thefts, and, if necessary, to also cover total loss. Whether it’s partial or total risk, with or without coverage, we will help you find the right insurance solution with low premiums and the best services.

Fleet managers and businesses benefit from customized rates and can significantly reduce their administrative workload with a single agreement. In any case:

Your vehicle fleet should be covered at least by liability insurance. There are also other types of insurance available to get your fleet back on the road quickly after accidents, thefts, or breakdowns and reimburse any damages caused.

The peace of mind of being protected

Taking care of you is our premise, and your safety is our most important value.

At ARIZA, we take pride in taking safety to the highest level. With our expertise in insurance, you will always be covered.

The best coverage options evaluated by experts are available for your fleet.

We offer the best conditions when it comes to insurance contracts. We take care of all the administrative operations and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Thanks to our market presence and the benefits we provide to insurers, we guarantee you significant savings, not only in financial resources but also in time and administration.
We have specialized personnel dedicated to handling claims, operating under a model of immediate response. They are available not only via phone but also in person during events that require on-site assistance. We provide follow-up and documentation for every procedure carried out with the insurance company and the authorities.

We take care of you by keeping you informed

For your peace of mind, you will always be informed of every step taken in the claims process. You can trust that we will ensure that the commitments mentioned by the insurance company in the policy are fully met.

A good decision should be timely

By acquiring fleet coverage through ARIZA, not only will your costs decrease, but you will also have access to special conditions that surpass the traditional offerings of insurance companies. Thanks to our systems, you will have full visibility of the process through various electronic means, and you will receive financial, quality, service, and strategic information in the insurance field to facilitate decision-making.


  • Direct negotiation of prices with insurance companies
  • Preferred rate when contracted with “ODT”
  • Administrative follow-up in case of an accident

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