Strategic consulting based on thousands of successful experiences

A customer-centric approach because every fleet is unique

At ARIZA, we take our commitments very seriously, and the greatest commitment of all is to help reduce fleet costs and optimize the execution of every task assigned to it.

By implementing a proven methodology, we work together with each client to identify the core objectives of fleet management. We then follow up and evaluate the results to define reaction criteria and appropriate responses to each challenge. The main findings and recommendations are documented in a final report that serves as a support for designing highly efficient fleet operation strategies.

Optimal Operations

The fleet size should be based on the needs of your business, and vehicle replacements should occur at the right time to avoid additional costs. Maximizing fuel savings is an essential priority. Bringing vehicles to the workshop for preventive maintenance and training drivers to minimize potentially costly risks are also crucial.

Our experts specialize in solving challenges related to complex fleets. We work to provide the highest level of actionable recommendations that maximize the efficiency of your operations.

The Team

Our strategy consultants are professionals in fleet operations. We work under a continuous training scheme in various consulting methodologies and project management, and we have access to the extensive resources of ARIZA.

Our experts will help identify the best alternatives for your operation to be efficient and profitable in every way and at a lower total cost of ownership.

Some of the procedures and resources that our team of consultants has focused on are:

  • Supply chain management
  • Vehicle regulatory compliance
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance services
  • Vendor management and selection
  • Fuel procurement policies
  • Optimization of vehicle replacement
  • Remarketing alternatives
  • Personnel policies, procedures, and functions
  • Industry and vehicle type comparative analysis
  • Vehicle lifecycle management
  • Global fleets
  • Carbon footprint estimation

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