AnalyticsTM Fleet Management Tool

Easily and in real-time, find the data you need from all the information in your fleet.

Examine your budget expenditure in detail, make more informed business decisions, and explore new opportunities for savings and investment.


AnalyticsTM is a powerful and innovative analysis tool driven by revolutionary in-memory technology. Surprisingly fast, it provides the most comprehensive fleet analytics in the world. Combined with ARIZA's business intelligence tools, our clients are empowered to act immediately in any situation and accurately forecast their fleet vehicle needs and costs.

Execution of reports in 00:03

A 360-degree real-time view.

Reports that once took more than 24 hours to run can now be completed in just three or four seconds. Fleet managers can clearly see functional processes, where the opportunities lie, and what needs to be corrected or even eliminated, resulting in new levels of efficiency and cost savings.

AnalyticsTM can also be customized to provide information throughout the organization – from the CEO to operational staff – benefiting from this tool and contributing to maximizing fleet efficiency.

Predictive analysis at work

We are confident that predictive analysis can provide a new level of budget certainty: specific and well-filtered data translates into accurate estimates of the costs associated with operating a fleet, considering different sets of variables and the impact that a change in any of them would have.

Our customer service center

Our customer service center utilizes real-time information to increase and enhance the speed and efficiency of customer service. That information is also used for cost analysis and benchmarking in a matter of seconds, allowing us to help reduce costs and maximize the efficiency of your fleet.

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