A Practical Alternative for Specific Needs

Enjoy the benefits and support of a large company without the constraints of a fixed term.

At ARIZA, we offer customized solutions because sometimes circumstances demand an immediate response.

We are as flexible as your mobility needs

A phone call or an email is all it takes to have a daily rental vehicle at your disposal for as long as you need, allowing you to continue with your operations.

We love finding innovative alternatives to provide high service standards to our clients. That’s why we have designed a convenient, accessible, and immediate solution to ensure that you always have the positions you need to keep your production chain in optimal operating conditions.


1. Request

>Assistance through phone call or email
>Service quotation within one hour
>No security deposit required
>Unlimited mileage and insurance included (no deductible)

2. Delivery and Collection Logistics according to customer  needs

>Free valet service in the metropolitan area
> Special rate for transportation to locations outside the metropolitan area for rentals longer than 30 days
> Valuable information
> Cost-benefit analysis: Renta Express vs. Customer Pool
> Preparation of reports by cost centers, locations, etc.

3. Invoicing

> Monthly billing cycles
> Credit terms (15, 30 days)
> Detailed rental vehicle information
> Special conditions

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