We are part of the largest fleet management group in the world.

Our greatest pride is to improve how our clients manage their fleets, to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Two families, one vision

Always seeking to offer robust and quality solutions, in 1995 two major industry players join forces. On one hand, Automotive Resources International (now Holman), the leading company in the vehicle fleet market in the USA, and on the other hand, Corporación Zapata, a Mexican company specializing in land transportation solutions.

The best in its class

Ariza’s mission is “To create alliances with clients to help them achieve better control of their fleet, based on our experience, tools, and network of suppliers at their service.”

Support is our badge of honor

Our commitment goes beyond our clients; all those who are involved in our daily growth are pillars of the organization. That is why continuous improvement, training, and development are standards that have allowed ARIZA to be recognized as a BEST PLACE TO WORK.

The value of our brand

Working closely with clients to solve complex fleet management issues, we combine our corporate and financial expertise with optimization tools, sustainable fleet practices, and technology to increase the efficiency of your vehicle fleet and reduce costs.

We transform vehicles into assets that drive the growth and success of your company.

Global support

Backed by over 5,000 professionals and specialists with a presence in North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe, our credentials are synonymous with trust and stability. With over two million vehicles operated worldwide, we guarantee that we have the operational capacity to optimize any fleet.

Quality, commitment, and service to bring you closer to your goals

The Partners In Excellence program is the cornerstone of an organizational strategic approach aimed at excellence and customer service.

It is the only program in the fleet management industry that has been awarded and certified, thus guaranteeing its value offering and commitment to its customers.


Partners in Excellence

Implemented in 2013 as an essential part of Ariza's corporate culture, Partners in Excellence provides valuable and strategic information to each of its associates about the company's vision and direction, while supporting their contributions towards overall success and performance through the analysis of key metrics. Through programs, events, and annual celebrations, we applaud and encourage the efforts and achievements of our associates. Por medio de programas, eventos y celebraciones anuales aplaudimos e impulsamos los esfuerzos y aciertos de nuestros asociados.

Customer-focused Metrics

By integrating performance metrics, corrective actions, and a continuous improvement methodology, we ensure a rewards system based on results where the main objective is customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Ariza has created a management system that oversees and facilitates the ideal paths for achieving individual and global objectives for the Partners in Excellence program.

Goals for Each Fleet

Over the years, at Ariza, we have worked hand in hand with our clients to develop industry best practices in fleet management.

An annual review of performance metrics allows us to ensure the use of our best practices, which aim not only to exceed the expectations of each client but also to guarantee an exceptional and consistent level of service.


  • Tracking operational processes and performance for continuous improvement
  • Objectives per department that ensure individual commitment in achieving company-wide results
  • Training programs and goals that guarantee the continuous learning and growth of our associates

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