Online Fleet Management Platform

Our web-based fleet management platforms allow you to view real-time information about your fleet and each vehicle.

Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Enormous Challenges

One of the biggest challenges in fleet management is being able to handle all the data in a way that contributes to increasing efficiency and improving processes and outcomes at all levels.


How can we ensure accurate tracking and ensure that all vehicles are where they need to be?

How do we determine the optimal performance of the fleet and the strategy to achieve it?

How can we find the most efficient way to allocate and distribute the budget?


Insights® sets new standards in flexibility, capacity, and simplicity. Our clients agree that it is the most efficient fleet information platform in the industry.

Valuable information

Insights® is a unique, customizable, and comprehensive web platform that allows you to observe every element involved in the operation of:

  • Supply chain: provides complete visibility of vehicle requests and remarketing channels
  • Vehicle inventory: supports an extensive database of vehicles with real-time updates
  • Maintenance: immediate access to preventive maintenance programs, maintenance history, inspections, repairs, and more
  • Accident claims: tracking of accident claims
  • Driver safety: online diagnosis of driver habits and behaviors, and online learning based on identified needs
  • Fuel: obtaining odometer information directly from the gas station to our insights® system
  • Telematics: access to customized dashboards
The personalized and intuitive design, combined with a powerful analytics engine, provides our clients with a unique and consolidated view of their entire fleet operations, including:
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Key performance indicators
  • Actionable alerts
  • RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication)
  • Enhanced web reports
  • Mass emails
  • Fleet updates and more

User-friendly interface

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