A well-planned fleet renewal

Extensive experience in fleet upgrade processes at your service.

We simplify the transition of your vehicles and provide the best conditions for the sale of your used vehicles.

Optimum performance at the right time

Fleet renewal is always a complex process. Finding the right trusted buyer for used vehicles and handling all administrative tasks can be a real challenge for businesses. At ARIZA, we provide a comprehensive strategy for the disposal of used vehicles, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for your fleet.
We calculate the operating costs of each vehicle throughout its lifecycle and determine the optimal conditions for replacement. We identify the precise moment to retire a vehicle before repair costs and time spent in the workshop exceed the cost of a new vehicle.
We generate monthly reports that allow our clients to track the status of their lease-expired fleet vehicles and determine the optimal time to sell them at the best market price and in the shortest possible time.

May your challenges be as fresh as your fleet

Say goodbye to all the administrative burden that comes with updating your vehicle fleet. We provide you with a comprehensive solution where we evaluate your vehicles and record their operations.

We handle the necessary license plate cancellations, travel to your designated location for vehicle collection, make a fair offer for acquisition, and send monthly reports with vehicles that are eligible for resale. All of this is done so that you can forget about fleet renewal and focus on optimizing your operations.

Auctions or Direct Purchase with Transparency

We offer scheduled vehicle auctions that are certified by a public notary. Alternatively, ARIZA provides the option to purchase your vehicles immediately through a fair market offer, ensuring complete transparency in the process of disposing of used vehicles.

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