Well-organized and compliant administration

A complete range of procedures to fulfill your fleet's requirements with the authorities.

Our experts in vehicle documentation combine unmatched experience and skill to keep your fleet in compliance with the law and strictly adhere to the regulatory standards of each state.

The same laws, a better way to comply

We provide vehicle documentation services for fleets of automobiles of various natures and levels of complexity. We handle registrations, inspections, payment of taxes, in all cities and states of the country. We also assist in replacing lost or stolen documentation or license plates.

End-to-end compliance with obligations

At ARIZA, we can manage the entire process of fulfilling the obligations associated with owning a vehicle, from the initial registration to annual tax payments and even license plate cancellation. Our team of experts in Vehicle Documentation gathers all the necessary paperwork and handles your requirements.

Complete coverage

No matter where your vehicles are located, ARIZA provides nationwide coverage. We work directly with the jurisdictions of each entity to ensure complete transparency in all our services. We provide detailed invoicing of all taxes and fees associated with any transaction, giving you full visibility and accountability.

Integrity and Trust

In the business world, the value of transparency carries increasing weight each day. Therefore, the integrity of our employees and business partners is essential to achieve the growth and longevity that enables Ariza to be a leader in fleet management. We understand that building trusting and long-term relationships is only possible when transparency is the foundation of every decision and action.

Documentary regularization

Are you unsure about the status of your fleet’s vehicle documentation?

At Ariza, we offer an exclusive program to regularize your vehicle documentation with the authorities, providing you with the confidence that your fleet is up to date and avoiding any downtime.

Our value proposition includes documentary audits, vehicle assessments, regularization processes, and a proposed continuity plan for your operations.


  • Per-event fee
  • Charges are included in the monthly billing.
  • National coverage
  • Documents are scanned and uploaded to our web platform.
  • Strict compliance program
  • Temporary financing
  • Annual vehicle tax payment program

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