Better expense control equals greater operational efficiency

A solution designed to reduce the major expense of your fleet: fuel.

ARIZA's fuel program is designed to provide the tools, resources, and expertise that can help fleets of all sizes better manage their fuel expenses.

We're talking about an expense that represents over a third of the total cost of ownership, a volatile variable that creates uncertainty in the fleet's annual budget. ARIZA's fuel program will help monitor and manage fuel-related expenses.

Significant savings translate into a smart investment.

Once we complete the implementation stage, we capture all data associated with fuel usage and begin to closely monitor trends and areas for potential improvement. Our fuel management team actively monitors your fuel transactions, seeking opportunities to improve mileage per liter and reduce costs. We work in synergy with the fleet manager to explore all possibilities for cost reduction.
Manage fuel costs with ARIZA’s fuel program. With this program, ARIZA becomes a true strategic partner that works with you to develop and implement fuel policies designed to help you manage expenses and keep costs under control.

Technology at the service of your savings

Our fuel solution is supported by state-of-the-art technology that enables the integration and consolidation of fuel transaction information from fuel stations into our Insights® system. This provides you with a set of useful, valuable, and cost-effective tools that allow you to maximize fuel performance.

A centralized and tax-deductible fuel source

At ARIZA, we are partnered with the leading fuel card provider in North America to ensure the best cost reduction opportunities and data collection. Fuel transactions can be 100% tax-deductible according to current legislation.

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