Maintenance management

At ARIZA we see maintenance as a cornerstone in the performance of your fleet.

We always innovate and provide solutions that extend the life of your vehicles, taking care of your budget allocation.

Our Engine

The engine of our fleet maintenance program is Intellifleet®, a comprehensive vehicle maintenance system. It is designed to deliver more value in three specific areas of fleet management: compliance, downtime management, and cost savings generation. This fully integrated real-time system enables ARIZA technicians to negotiate better savings on behalf of our clients and identify issues with greater accuracy, ensuring that the vehicles in their fleet stay on the road.

With Ariza,
you'll gain:

> Real-time visibility of information for decision-making

> Total transparency of repairs and prices

> Control over maintenance expenses and budget

Qualified Technicians

ARIZA operates a Tech Center staffed with qualified technicians who act on behalf of the client and perform the following activities:
  • Validate that the repairs are necessary for the vehicle
  • Verify the prices of parts and labor
  • Authorize repairs when justified
  • Apply agreed-upon discounts between ARIZA and the workshop
  • Follow client guidelines according to their operational parameters
  • Manage and validate warranties when applicable

Preventive Maintenance

At ARIZA we create personalized preventive maintenance plans that meet the requirements of the manufacturer, the vehicle itself and the conditions in which it operates.


When a vehicle enters maintenance, the workshop makes a preliminary assessment of the problem and contacts our Tech Center for work authorization.

Flexible Maintenance Parameters

Our fleet maintenance management program is highly flexible, allowing each client to establish their own maintenance parameters. We work closely with your company to set authorization parameters that guide our technicians on when they can approve meaningful repairs and when they need to escalate the request for approval. This level of customization ensures that maintenance decisions align with your specific needs and preferences, providing you with greater control over the maintenance process.

Ariza's Provider Network

Unlike other fleet management companies that have preferred provider networks, limiting options when it comes to vehicle repairs, ARIZA has a network of over 3,000 open providers. This network includes agencies, independent workshops, franchises, tire shops, and specialized workshops. The performance of each provider is continuously monitored and managed to ensure the best-in-class service. This extensive network allows our clients to have a wide range of options for vehicle repairs, providing flexibility and convenience while maintaining high-quality standards.

Repair Warranty

ARIZA technicians review the complete history of each vehicle. If the vehicle is eligible for warranty coverage, the technician will assert it with the workshop, regardless of the nature of the repair. If ARIZA recognizes a recurring failure pattern in vehicles that are out of warranty, we will negotiate with various manufacturers to obtain the best solution. Our aim is to ensure that our clients receive appropriate warranty coverage and that any recurring issues are addressed effectively.

Information Visibility

Through our insights® platform, our clients can track their vehicle repairs in real-time and access a dashboard with key alerts and indicators about their fleet. This provides them with visibility into the status of their fleet and enables them to make informed decisions based on real-time data. The insights® platform empowers our clients to stay updated and take proactive measures to ensure the optimal performance and maintenance of their fleet.

Development of preventive maintenance Programs

Reminders for preventive maintenance and inspections to users via Email

Driver maintenance request via web portal.

Tech Center with specialized advisors

National network of suppliers

Real-time information in English, via the internet, through our online tool Insights®

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