Profitable investment in fleet management

A new meaning of investment in people, processes and technology

Comprehensive response and complete solutions to transform fleets into true business hubs

ARIZA is part of the largest fleet management company in the world. We have a comprehensive catalog of solutions and tools, which together with the experience of our team and our recognized financial stability, allow us to solve all the needs of vehicle management at a corporate level for each client, and at the same time continuously invest in the development of our fundamental resources:


"We are Ariza, thanks to our people, a global reference. And for that reason, we invest heavily in hiring, training, developing, and supporting the best talents in the fleet management industry.

Our values are reflected in the individuals who are part of the great ARIZA family, and with the implementation of our Partners in Excellence® (PIE) program, we promote an organizational culture that has been recognized worldwide.


We know that each fleet is unique, and so are its needs. That's why we work on the premise of transforming every fleet managed by us into a solid, perfectly tuned, and highly profitable unit.

Through the development and execution of turnkey solutions, we integrate ourselves into the value chain of each client, understanding your business and providing you with the necessary support to achieve specific objectives, correcting specific errors, and avoiding threats that we have fully identified thanks to decades of experience in this field.


We offer world-class innovative solutions that help our clients address threats, risks, and complex problems, from tracking fuel expenses and lease payments to identifying overdue vehicles for preventive maintenance.

Our automated tools and technologies provide our clients with high-level, specific, and relevant data on every aspect of their fleet operations. And our reporting alerts and applications assist our clients in making informed and strategic decisions regarding their fleets. The development of these tools allows our clients to have exceptional transparency in every operation.

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