Budget-empowering administration

We calculate the total cost of ownership of your fleet for optimal operation.

We simplify the relocation of your vehicles and offer the best conditions for the sale of your used vehicles.

Construction of the real total cost of ownership

With ARIZA, our clients obtain their real total cost of ownership, which helps to streamline and make the necessary decisions to optimize it. This is possible because all the information from ARIZA’s different solutions is strategically integrated into a single system.

An ideal model for choosing your fleet

We understand that there are physical, service, and technological components associated with the operation of your fleet, and each of these elements incurs necessary costs to ensure the optimal functioning of each vehicle.
At ARIZA, we have designed a tool capable of assigning value to uncertainty. With the implementation of ARIZA’s total cost of ownership, we maximize the effectiveness of decision-making and vehicle selection to achieve exceptional performance for your budget and fleet.

No more unpleasant surprises

ou can rest assured that you will always have highly valuable information at your fingertips, allowing you to design an extremely reliable plan, thus avoiding unforeseen expenses or time constraints that were not initially considered.

Experience in safeguarding your revenue

Alongside a team of experts, you will be able to develop calculations and budgets with high levels of confidence. Each variable will be taken into account to validate that the performance estimates of your fleet as a business unit are aligned with the environment, ensuring the ability to adapt to any unexpected changes.

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