Fleet supply chain management

Our experts can help you define the ideal specifications for your vehicle fleet.

We ensure that you have the right vehicles for the job while coordinating every step of the acquisition process.

Powerful Allies

We offer robust supply chain services that range from strategic consulting to turnkey renovation processes and valuable decision-making support.

We can manage the entire supply chain process thanks to the working relationship and history between ARIZA and manufacturers and installers. We oversee the vehicle production process to ensure they are the best option. We can also work with you and your preferred or designated suppliers at any stage of the process.

We meet the vehicle purchasing needs of our clients in the most efficient way while managing costs throughout the entire acquisition process, allowing you to focus on strategy and the bigger picture.

Strategic Planning

Based on a review of your current fleet, ARIZA analyzes operating conditions, annual mileage, maintenance programs, and other variables to ensure that we choose the best unit at the lowest cost per kilometer. Using our Vehicle Replacement Analysis Model (VRAM) and millions of lines of empirical data, ARIZA develops replacement guidelines based on lifecycle costs and minimization of downtime.


With a strategic supply chain plan, optimal specifications and adjustments can be defined for each job function. Features are integrated into ARIZA's vehicle pricing and ordering system, which allows authorized users to request even the most complex vehicle and equipment specifications online. Each order is reviewed by our specialists before being submitted to the manufacturer.

Supply Chain Optimization

ARIZA receives daily automated electronic feeds from major manufacturers and status information from most equipment suppliers and transportation companies. Additionally, we conduct weekly supply chain coordination calls with suppliers and manufacturers to proactively identify potential disruptions in the supply chain.

From day one, your vehicles are ready for work.

At ARIZA, we coordinate deliveries according to your chosen supply chain strategy. Our network of dealerships includes over 9,000 distributors nationwide, allowing for most deliveries to be within 35 kilometers of the specified address.

We manage all activities related to initial registration, licensing, and titling of new vehicles, ensuring that vehicles are delivered to our customers with full licensing, inspected, and ready to drive.

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