Account executive teams for fleet management

We work to meet the operational needs of each client and optimize your budget.

Thanks to our policies of continuous improvement, customer service, and the flexibility of our solutions, we are global leaders in the fleet management industry.

Your success is ours

By creating teams composed of experts in comprehensive fleet management, we build strong and lasting relationships of trust with each client.

Our responsiveness is so impactful that in no time, our clients become avid fans of our service and advocates for our growth. Your success is ours. Since our inception, we have operated under this principle, and every member of our team identifies with this philosophy.

This is how we operate

  • We prioritize the interests of our clients.
  • We strive to deliver more value in everything we do.
  • We maximize fleet profitability with comprehensive services from vehicle acquisition to disposal.
  • No matter the situation, we will always speak the truth.
  • We offer 100% effort and attention from all our staff at all times.

A dedicated team at your service

Each account executive team functions as a unit that aligns the needs of each client with the programs, processes, applications, and methodologies implemented by ARIZA to maximize fleet profitability.

By having a specific point of contact, the response to each service request is immediately addressed through a designated channel that facilitates assigning a responsible person to handle each case, thus maintaining the agreed-upon service levels from the beginning.

Additionally, they will focus on analyzing the information generated in the operation to provide valuable recommendations for improving the performance of your fleet.

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