Technology Applied to Fleet Management Reporting

The quality and reliability of the content included in ARIZA® reports provide a 360-degree view of the status of your fleet.

By accessing the reports, users can identify opportunities for cost savings and increased efficiency.

Attention to Detail

Our fleet management reporting platform is built on the Insights® platform and powered by a robust analytics engine that can analyze fleet management data much faster than any other reporting tool. This enables a fleet manager to gain an accurate understanding of what is happening across the entire fleet and focus on the details of each individual vehicle.

Reports in Seconds

Our systems also provide fleet managers with:

> Customizable interfaces
> Configurable and actionable key performance indicators and alerts
> RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication)
> Mass emails and updates

Single Interface, Your Complete Reports Instantly

You will process reports in seconds, forget about the exhausting days of locating, analyzing, and organizing data, or lost or incomplete reports. In short, Ariza’s client reporting systems set new standards for speed, flexibility, capability, and ease of use.

Data is Everything

Strategically, we put the power of Big Data at your fingertips, giving you the ability to generate reports with just a click on each data point for more insights. Easily track vehicle expenses and review everything from maintenance costs to specific regions or unit codes.

Determine if the average cost for repairs has remained consistent or if the number of incidents has increased. We provide a map that shows the origin of threats and accidents, which shops are handling the majority of repairs, odometer ranges during incidents, and even which day of the week sees an increase in workshop visits.

By utilizing this type of analysis, you can:

> Identify trends

> Establish a benchmark for your fleet against other similar ones

> Predict component failures in advance

Bookmarked Reports

AnalyticsTM is a web-based tool that allows you to add bookmarks to reports in your web browser and update them whenever you want, from a computer or any mobile device.

All Data at All Times

With Insights®, you will get the data you need, when and how you want it. With multiple delivery methods, you can access the data you need about your fleet in the way that suits you best.

Data can be accessed directly online or can be sent via email at any time or on a scheduled basis.

No matter the size and complexity of your fleet, Insights® will deliver the information from your reports according to your preferences at any time.

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