Fleet leasing with Ariza: fair, flexible, and transparent

We offer different leasing models.

Financial leasing

This leasing model will be ideal if your company’s goal is:
  • To eventually purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease.
  • To have assets.

The Financial Leasing model is defined as a contract in which the financial lessor agrees to acquire certain assets and grant their temporary use or enjoyment, for a fixed term, to an individual or legal entity. The lessee is obligated to make partial payments as consideration, which will be settled according to the agreed terms.

A specific or determinable amount of money is paid to cover the acquisition value of the assets, financial charges, and other associated costs. At the end of the contract, the lessee has the option to choose one of the termination options specified in Article 410 of the General Law of Credit Operations Titles (LGTOC).

Once all the lessee’s obligations have been fulfilled, they may:
  1. Purchase the assets at a price lower than their acquisition value, as specified in the contract. If the price has not been determined, it must be lower than the market value at the time of purchase, according to the terms established in the contract.
  2. Extend the lease term to continue using or enjoying the assets, paying a lower rent than the periodic payments previously made, as stipulated in the contract.
  3. Share in the proceeds from the sale of the assets to a third party, in the proportions and terms agreed upon in the contract.

The main attributes of Ariza's financial leasing are:

  • No upfront payments
  • Fixed rental rate throughout the lease term in MXP.
  • Flexible depreciation periods to adjust the desired rental level.
  • Inclusion of a residual value (final rental) to decrease the amount of the monthly rent.
  • Transparent sales process.
  • Two administrative steps to deliver a vehicle.
  • No reconditioning required at the end of the lease.
  • Unrestricted mileage.

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