ARIZA collaborates with the client to identify the overall objective and the key deliverables. Consulting analysts collect and analyze data from all available sources, completing additional research as needed, perform site visits and leverage the expertise of the entire ARIZA organization on behalf of our clients. A final report detailing key findings, recommendations and an implementation plan are all part of the project deliverables.

Optimal Operations

We help you determine what the proper size of your fleet should be, based on your business needs; decide when to replace vehicles; identify those that have little to no activity; uncover ways to improve fuel economy; and more. Our experts specialize in working with complex fleets and all of our analyses are specific to the client's parameters and needs. We work to deliver the highest level of actionable recommendations for optimal fleet operations.

The Team

Our fleet strategy consultants are tenured fleet professionals, trained in various consultation and project management methodologies with ARIZA's extensive resources at their disposal. Composed of a team that brings combined experience in the automotive, financial and fleet industries, and with diverse educational backgrounds, our experts can help you identify ways to manage your fleet more efficiently and with lower total cost of ownership.

Some of the areas and topics our consultation group has evaluated include:

  • Supply chain management
  • Licensing and compliance requirements
  • Vendor management and selection
  • Fuel purchasing policies
  • Vehicle replacement optimization
  • Remarketing alternatives
  • Policies, procedures and personnel functions
  • Industry/vehicle type cost benchmarking
  • Asset management, including life cycle costs
  • Vehicle utilization and location analyses, including global fleets

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