Drill into details
Our fleet management reporting platform ARI insights® runs on a powerful analysis engine that is able to examine fleet management data much faster than any other reporting tool. This allows a fleet manager to get an accurate view of what is happening across the whole fleet, and also focus on every detail of individual vehicles.

Reports in seconds

Our systems also provide fleet managers with:

  • Custom interfaces
  • Key performance indicators and configurable alerts
  • RSS feeds
  • Bulk email and fleet updates
  • Enhanced reporting
Fly through reports
Ad hoc reports that previously took several days or weeks to be generated can now be processed in a matter of seconds and allow for enhanced analysis of the data. In short, ARIZA’s customer reporting systems set new standards for speed, flexibility, capacity and ease of use.
Data is big
Strategically, we put all the power of Big Data at your fingertips, giving you the ability to make your reports by clicking through your data to learn more. Easily drill into vehicle expenses and review maintenance costs down to the specific region or code of each unit. Determine if the average cost for repairs has remained about the same, or if the number of incidents has gone up. Look at a map showing where all of the failures have occurred and analyze what makes and models are breaking down the most, which shops are doing the most repairs, the odometer ranges of the vehicles when the failures occur, and even what day of the week the repairs were occurring.

Using this type of analysis you can:

  • Identify trends
  • Establish a Benchmark of your fleet against similar ones
  • Predict failure of some components in advance
Bookmark reports
Since ARI analytics® is a web-based tool, you can add bookmarks to reports in your web browser and update them whenever you want, from a computer or any mobile device.