We are the only fleet management company in Mexico with our own in-house safety solution to help clients proactively prevent collisions, assess driving behavior, and efficiently manage incidents whether your fleet is for executive, utilitarian or cargo use, the ARIZA risk mitigation program is perfectly adapted to each type of fleet.

Ideal program for companies that:

  • Need to implement a safety program for their drivers
  • Identify areas of opportunity in their drivers
  • Provide corrective training based on risk levels
  • Reduce the risk in hiring non-responsible drivers

Driver's skills assessment

ARIZA's Driver Skills Assessment program is a state-of-the-art, online risk identification tool that simulates real-world driving situations for cars and light duty vehicles as well as medium duty trucks. It’s a highly effective and economical tool that allows you to assess driving skills in specific skill categories and automatically prescribe targeted online training for drivers needing improvement.

Online Driver Training Modules

Ariza online safety training programs ensure your fleet drivers know how to tackle a variety of situations in an assortment of vehicle types. The modules engage drivers through a variety of interactive exercises and activities to improve the learning experience; fleet drivers are tested for comprehension at the end of every module and when they pass, they have access to a digital certificate of completion. Whether it’s for prescribed, targeted training, like defensive driving courses, or periodic refresher driver safety training, Ariza has a broad catalog of online driver training modules and courses covering a wide range of topics that are available in English, French and Spanish.


  • Improves road safety. Accidents cost lives. ARIZA helps your drivers get home safely.
  • Low loss ratio. Accidents cost money. The accident that never happened can potentially pay for a whole year of training for all drivers.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership. Safe drivers use less fuel and reduce the wear and tear of their vehicles.
  • Reduction of fuel costs. Trained drivers assimilate the safety policy and the efficient use of fuel.
  • Reduction of claims and maintenance costs. Better control of repairs and preventive maintenance eliminates excessive repairs.
  • Improve productivity. ARI insights® shows all the driving training data in one place and online.

Information Management

Information for all Ariza online safety training programs is available in ARI insights®, allowing you to view driver performance and compliance. Easy-to-use and customizable dashboards and alerts make it easy to identify exception conditions and areas requiring management attention.

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