Operating a commercial fleet generates an enormous amount of complex data. From fuel consumption and maintenance to licensing and compliance, managing a fleet involves thousands of interrelated data that can come from multiple devices and suppliers. Flawless data management ensures increased profitability for your business.

Get Big Data

We have made a significant investment in our ability to collect and manage large volumes of Big Data. Unlike other fleet management companies that are restricted in their data capture capabilities, the amount of data we can collect, aggregate, report and analyze is virtually unlimited.

Plug & Play

We can receive and process data from virtually any system - including external providers and internal systems regardless of location - thus solving your data integration needs. The ability to handle huge volumes of data allows us to feed our reporting and analysis platforms so you can have all the information you need through a single source.

Turning data into actionable information
How can make sense of all the data your fleet generates daily? This is where ARI insights® comes into play. Our award-winning, innovative website for fleet management reports is capable of running a powerful in-memory analysis engine that no other vendor in the industry has. It transforms large amounts of fleet data into real-time, valuable and executable information that is presented intuitively through customizable panel alerts. By executing our comprehensive data integration strategy along with our unique Web-based reporting tools, the right information will reach the right people at the right time so you can better manage your business and minimize the total cost of ownership and management of your fleet.

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