The Best Coverage Available for Your Fleet Evaluated by our experts
We offer the best options for the contracting of insurance by handling the entire administrative burden and negotiating with the insurance company. Thanks to our market share and the potential we offer the insurers, we can generate significant savings, not only in terms of budget but also in time and administration.
We have specialized insurance personnel that operates under a model of immediate response in the event of an accident not only by telephone but in person during an incident and thereafter follows up and documents every procedure that is carried out before the insurer and the authorities.
We take care of you
We help ensure your peace of mind, always keeping you informed at every step in the process when handling accidents and you can depend on ARIZA to ensure full compliance of the insurance policy.
A Good Decision is a Fortunate Decision
Acquiring your fleet coverage through ARIZA will not only reduce your costs but will also deliver additional value that exceeds the typical offer of insurance companies. Thanks to our systems, you will have full visibility of the process and you will receive financial, quality, service and strategic information to help facilitate decision making.

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