Often amounting to more than a third of the total cost of ownership, volatile fuel prices can create uncertainty in managing an annual budget. ARIZA’s fuel program can help you monitor and manage fuel related expenses.

Great savings means smart investment
Manage fuel costs and your budget with ARIZA’s Fuel Cost Reduction program. With this program, ARIZA becomes a true strategic partner working with you to develop and communicate fuel policies designed to help you manage your spend and keep your costs under control. Once the policy is in place, ARIZA captures all of the data associated with your fuel purchases and begin to carefully watch for trends and areas for possible improvement. Our fuel management team actively monitors your fuel transactions, looking for opportunities to improve miles per gallon and reduce cost per gallon. We work closely with the fleet manager, location managers, or even the drivers themselves to look for every possible chance to reduce costs at the front line.
Technology Fuels It
Our in-house expertise is supported by state-of-the-art technology that allows for the consolidation of fuel transaction information in our ARI insights® system, giving you and your fleet team a user friendly set of tools to help manage the abundance of fuel data that comes your way each day.
One Centralized Source
ARIZA also partners with the best fuel card provider in North America and around the world to ensure we are offering you the best opportunities for cost reduction and data collection. All of these transactions can be included in our bill consolidation program to give you the most convenient platform possible to monitor and manage your expenses. Fuel transactions will be 100% deductible according to current legislation.